I had the chance to go to the Art Institute of Chicago a couple of weekends ago. They house so many of the decorative arts items that I love. Above are a couple favorites.

William Morris was associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement. He founded a decorative arts firm (with several other people) in 1861. At Morris, Marshall, Faulkner a& Co, Morris designed tapestries, fabrics, stained glass windows, wallpaper and furniture. In 1875, Morris assumed control of the company and it was renamed Morris & Co.

Louis Sullivan was an American Architect and, among other things, a mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright. Sullivan, Wright and Henry Hobson Richardson are “the recognized trinity of American architecture.”(1) “Form follows function” is attributed to Louis Sullivan, though he credited the origin of the concept to an ancient Roman architect.

I will be posting some more of my favorites over the next several days.


1. O’Gorman, James F. (1991). Three American Architects: Richardson, Sullivan, and Wright, 1865-1915. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. p. xv. ISBN 978-0-226-62071-8